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All our dogs need sponsors untill they are adopted this costs just £30 per month and you will recieve our official sponsor certificate and updates on your sponsor baby. Some of our dogs are PART SPONSORED so please feel free to contribute to these if you cannot stretch to a full sponsor.

But most of all you will know that you are helping to save a precious life.

Through this sponsorship you will be helping to ensure all our dogs are fed, vaccinated, neutered when ready and vet checked.


The dogs pictured below still need sponsors. This helps ensure they are well fed and all vet bills can be covered.                          




This weeks lucky lad is MARVIN

The most loving & cuddly dog in Wonderland


   If you could find it in your heart

   to sponsor or part sponsor this wonderful boy please contact our sponsor team


Some of our dogs dont have names yet for just £10 you can name one of our residents   

                 HOLLY                                              ALEX                                                 FAWN                                                CONNOR

               PELI                                                                   MILO                                                      CICO                                                       JOY

​​Help make a difference and sign up to sponsor a dog  today!

​Message us telling us which dog you would like to sponsor and we'll get straight back to you with details. 



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