All dogs shown here are available in UK.
Home checks and adoption fees will apply

HONEY 9 yrs Female - Located Sussex

It is with huge sadness that we have to rehome Honey as she is much loved however her owners health is extremely poor and Honey is not getting what she needs to thrive. This has not been an easy or quick decision by any means. She came from Romania and has been with here for just over a year. Honey adjusted very well to life here and is happy but she deserves more than we can now give her. Honey is a tripaw (her front leg is shorter than the rest) full of character, feisty, loving, protective, chilled and hyper (short lived) all in one package. Her hair is thick and soft (she does shed) with ears that feel like rabbit fur and she does love a brushing/stroking session. Honey doesn’t care and is quite active in her own way between naps. She is very scared of cars, she hates to travel and will be sick and or poo in a car through fear. We do wonder if a car was responsible for her missing the lower half of her front leg as she even dislikes walking past one. As you can imagine this has caused a few problems - although she will go out on a walk if she has to, she much prefers spending time in the garden, sniffing around, going under the bushes and chasing off the pigeons, especially as its such hard work for her hopping around for long… So, a good sized, dog friendly, interesting garden is essential She can test boundaries when playing but a consistent and gentle ‘no’ is usually all it takes for her to get the message. She hates being told off in ‘that’ tone of voice and becomes fearful, it has not often been necessary but it’s worth knowing in advance. She is easily distracted rather than told off She communicates by snapping her jaws at you, it’s not in the least aggressive it’s like she is talking to you, usually to play, open the garden door or just make a fuss of her. She can be left for a few hours. She should be an only dog, she’s had a taste of being the ‘only child’ and really rather prefers it, although we do feel she would learn to cope with a dog savvy cat in the house as she is curious about them but this would need to be done carefully. Honey loves people, really loves people and would benefit from being part of a family with older children and preferably someone home most of the time. Honey is based in West Suffolk for meet and greets. She has established some routines which we can list for a smooth transition and also a list of food and suppliers. We are happy to answer any questions from a potential new family prior to adoption or any that may arise down the line if needed.

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BACCA 2 yrs Female - Location South Yorkshire

Stunning 2 year old Bacca is now ready for a new and very experienced home.
Bacca came to the UK last year (2020) but  did not settle in her home showing severe anxiety & stress with strangers etc and guarding.
We took Bacca back into our care and after spending some time with me in kennels we sent her to the excellent rehab centre Birkett- Smith with Joy Keys in Dorset, Bacca has progressed extremely well and is much more relaxed with life in general. Bacca needs an experienced adopter maybe a single person or a couple who will give her the space and time she needs and not expect her to accept lots of new situations. A quiet home without a lot of visitors or a home where Bacca can retreat to her own space when visitors come would be ideal. A rural setting with a secure garden would be perfect. Any potential adopters will be expected to visit her here more than once. She will have full back up from us as her Rescue and Joy Keys as the behaviour expert. Any potential adopter will be expected to follow all advice given by the rehab centre to continue with the excellent rehab work she has had for the last 6 months and to ensure that Bacca is not put in situations where she feels intimidated or fearful. She walks well on her lead and has no issues with other dogs who are introduced calmly to her. She is affectionate and will become attached to her chosen human


SKYE 4 Yrs Female - Location South Yorkshire

This beautiful girl is in need of a new home. Ideally Skye would like a rural or semi rural home where she can feel safe and that is quiet.

Skye can be nervous of new situations and will need lots of patience & understanding and a new adopter who will work with her and her fears. She can be very strong on her lead but walks very well when settled. Skye can react to other dogs through fear when out but has lived very happily with another dog.

She is calm and gentle with humans once she knows you and knows basic commands.

Skye loves attention, belly rubs and ears tickled.

She is a really sweet dog who just needs someone to help her over come her fear of unknown situations and noises.

Skye needs a strong owner as she is very strong on her lead if she pulls, she would be best suited to a family who dont want to walk her daily till she has learnt as she is a powerful girl and large in size.. 

A garden is essential for Skye.


MARLA 4 yrs Female - Location Milton Keynes

This beautiful medium to large girl is looking for a new family through no fault of her own. Marla lives with children and has no issues but we would prefer children of 6 plus.

She knows basic commands and walks very well on her lead & harness.

She is house trained and a sweet natured gentle girl.

She can be a little nervous around males in doors and will bark at unusual noises she doesnt recognise.

She has no issues with other dogs as long as they are respectful of her space so could live with a resident dog.

Marla will need a garden and an adopter able to give her the time and help she will need to adapt to this change in her life. Marla only experience with cats was in her garden where she barked and tried to chase it out.


Archie is a very special boy who is now looking for a home of his own.

When Archie arrived he was very scared of people.

With patience & understanding from his foster family Archie we feel is now ready to take the next step to a family of his own as he now allows his foster to stroke & cuddle him and appears comfortable with strangers as long as they have cheese.

Archie will need a very patient, understanding & experienced adopter who can do things at Archies pace and not rush him into things he isnt ready for.

He is undergoing harness work  and has started going for short walks,  a secure garden will be essential.

Any potential adopters will need to visit Archie a few times in his foster home in Essex until he has got used to them .

He has no issues with the other dogs he lives with and would be better with a calm resident dog to show him the way. He also lives with cats who he has no issues with.

Archie will not be rehomed with children and his adopter will need some experience of dealing with a nervous dog. Archie is happy in his own world and will learn to trust his new family if they give him time.

Archie has visited the groomers several times and is happy with them to be handled etc. 

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Kitty 6 yrs Female - Location Camberley

Kitty is a 6 year old female Cross-Breed. Sweet girl Kitty is in need of a new home due to no fault of her own.

She can be a little shy with strangers so will need a confident and calm new family.

Kitty would benefit from living with another calm and confident dog.

She will need a garden. Kitty walks well on her lead and has all basic commands.

A really sweet gentle girl who is medium in size.

Kitty has no issues with other dogs and is very loving and loyal girl.


KENNY 3 Yrs Male - Location South Yorkshire

Kenny is a 3 year old male Cross-Breed. He is a large Cross-Breed who is looking for a new home. Kenny came back to rescue after he developed a guarding tendency in his previous home but Kenny has been through extensive rehab over the last 9 months and comes with full back up from a recognised behaviourist who will be on call for help and advice as well as full back up from his rescue.

Kenny needs an experienced and calm home without lots of visitors etc. He would be better as an only dog but with careful introduction he could live with another dog. Anyone applying for Kenny needs to be able to continue this work and not expose him to things too quickly or flood him with activities. A garden will be essential for him.

Kenny is a happy and playful dog with the humans he knows and is always smiling it seems and he has shown no signs of his old tendencies since he returned to rescue. His adopters will need to ensure they continue the excellent work that has been done with him. No children or cats. Kenny is one happy relaxed dog.

Ideal family will be a single male for Kenny.

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