All dogs shown here are available in UK.
Home checks and adoption fees will apply

PETER 2 year old male - Location - South Yorkshire

Stunning Peter needs a new home where he can be taught all the things he needs to know on how to be a well adjusted family dog.

Peter is lively & energetic and needs to be trained in all aspects. Peter has no concept of personal space and will happily invade yours. He can mouth for attention and in play but with the right training this can be over come.

He needs further lead training as well.

Peter needs a strong willed adopter who he can gain respect for and who can teach him manners and boundaries in a firm but fair way

A lovely dog for the right people with the time, patience and a calm home.

Peter is a largish dog so due to his mouthing and his size no children under 15 please.

We think Peter would be better as an only dog until he learns some boundaries as he can be over bearing for another dog.

LORD 5 year old Male - Location South Yorkshire

This stunning lad is LORD. He is 5 years old and looking for a special home.
Lord needs a rural home with 1 or 2 people that doesnt have a lot of visitors and NO children,
He has guarding issues and will be protective of his new family. He is wary of strangers and will bark at them.
Lord is not a guard or yard dog. He loves his comforts. He walks beautifully on his lead and knows his basic commands.
He could live with another dog with very careful introductions. He is very food orientated and loves toys. 
Any potential adopters will need to visit Lord a few times before any adoption is agreed

GELDOF 6 Yrs male - Location West Yorkshire 

Geldof is a 6 year old male Romanian Shepherd Cross. He is looking for a very good home, as a Romanian Shepherd Cross Geldof does have natural guarding instincts so will need someone with some experience of larger breeds.

He weighs an impressive 40kg so needs someone able bodied as well as strong willed to continue with his training. He walks well on a lead although does pull initially and knows some basic commands. He enjoys short walks and is not built for long hikes etc.

He is playful & enjoys human attention.

Geldof is not a first time dog owner and we would prefer no young children.

He has no issues with cats and could live with another friendly dog.

Geldof will need a secure garden as his favourite hobby is lying down watching the world go by. So we are looking for an experienced able bodied person with a good sized garden who lives in a quiet home without lots of visitors who would like a very loyal companion and who can spent some time getting to know Geldof before adoption.

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