All dogs shown here are available in UK.
Home checks and adoption fees will apply

CHESTER 1 year old male - Location - South Yorkshire

Chester is a large 2 year old male Cross-Breed currently in South Yorkshire. He needs an experienced home with people who are experienced with large breeds dogs and who are able and willing to work with Chesters behaviourist to maintain his training.

The successful adopter will be given help and advice and shown ways to keep Chester from reacting by being visited by the behaviourist in their home (subject to living within West/South Yorkshire).

LORD 5 year old Male - Location South Yorkshire

This stunning lad is LORD. He is 5 years old and looking for a special home.
Lord needs a rural home with 1 or 2 people that doesnt have a lot of visitors and NO children,
He has guarding issues and will be protective of his new family. He is wary of strangers and will bark at them.
Lord is not a guard or yard dog. He loves his comforts. He walks beautifully on his lead and knows his basic commands.
He could live with another dog with very careful introductions. He is very food orientated and loves toys. 
Any potential adopters will need to visit Lord a few times before any adoption is agreed

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