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Why Donate to our shelter? 


Our dogs are in need of their annual vaccinations. We have over 1300 dogs with 400 of them due their vaccines. 

We are trying to raise £9,800 in the next 3 months to get them covered.

All our dogs have DHPPI and LEPTO to ensure we give them the best chance possible.

USE THE DONATE BUTTON TO GO TO OUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT mark you donation VACCINES please.- see our appeal video on home page.


Targoviste is a small town about an hour's drive from the Romanian capital city of Bucharest. Some of the worst cruelty to dogs has happened and continues to happen in the capital, so there is always the worry that it will spread to the surrounding towns.

Cristina Paun is a young woman who has devoted her life to helping the strays in Targoviste, even moving to a house right up in the forest where the roads are almost impassable so she can keep her foster dogs safe, all 20-30 of them!

Until September 2013, most of her rescue work was self funded, but when the new laws were brought in making the business of catching stray dogs and keeping them in Public Shelters even more profitable, she knew she needed help to be able to make more of an impact.

Cristina got together with supporters on face book from Germany and the UK.

They had a plan to build a shelter of their own. A private shelter where dogs could live without fear, where they would always be fed, receive any medical treatment they needed and learn that not all humans were bad. They would have room to play and be allowed to live as dogs should, not as prisoners locked in filthy, small kennels with no love, no care and barely any food.

In December 2013, this became a reality as they were told that there were plans for all 140 dogs who were in the Public Shelter to be killed. Not euthanised as we in the UK understand it, but brutally killed by horrendous means.

With the help of their supporters, they were able to find land to rent and had enough of a shelter built within a week to be able to save some of the dogs. Because of this, the Public shelter was no longer deemed to be overcrowded, so the plan to kill was postponed.

By mid January 2014  we had almost 140 dogs in our shelter and today we have over 1700.

In May 2014 our UK group formed a Charity "Bid To Save a Stray" and the German team had 12 members all working to support Cristina and the dogs and the united team was formed .

To date, around 3000 dogs have been adopted and gone off to homes in England, Holland, France, Austria  and Germany. As space has become available in the shelter, we have taken in more dogs to fill their places, but in turn, the Public Shelter captures more street dogs to fill the spaces they make. In August 2014 the Romanian Government suspended the killing law and the dog catchers were no longer interested in catching dogs so September 2014 we achieved the dream of emptying the public shelter. There were no dogs in PS for over 2 months, but in November they started catching again.

We really are starting to make a difference, but its only the beginning. There are estimated to be around 2000 stray dogs in Targoviste alone. If you consider what a huge country Romania is, you'll get an idea of how many strays there are in the whole country, mostly un-neutered, so the numbers are continually multiplying.

The government want all of these dogs off the streets, so the need to help as many as possible is ever more urgent. The sad truth is that unless these dogs are adopted, preferably outside Romania, then vast amounts of stray dogs will be killed.

We also achieved the most amazing dream of all to raise enough money to buy a piece of land to build a bigger shelter. Our new shelter saw its first residence 2 mums and 14 pups move into the first indoor rooms in Dec 2014 . Our new shelter has a fully equipped vet room, quarantine rooms, indoor and outdoor accommodation.

The Farm was purchased as a gift to Cristina by her partner and our free running shelter was opened. 800+ dogs are free to roam in the 10 acres with little restraints. They are free to play. free to swim in the lake, free to shelter indoors or outdoors as they wish. The Farm has very few squabbles between the dogs and all live happily together.


None of this would have been possible without the help of our amazing supporters and the Trustee's of the UK Charity, Cristina, Lee and Roz along with the all dogs who come into the care of Wonderland will be eternally grateful for all the help and support we have achieved.

We need to continue to feed and offer medical support to all our dogs so please help us by adopting, sponsoring, donating, buying our merchandise, bidding on our auction page.




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